Friday, August 14, 2009

Update - Avenir is Growing... ok probabaly not news to many

Yeah it's been a while... slap me on the hand and send me to the corner for a time out. But hey I'm back from what I would consider a learning situation that took me from typical busy to ludicrous speed.

Since my last blog lots has happened and is still happening. We've almost completely phased out our Cyclepro brand and converted it to Avenir. Our pump line has been revamped and will take many of you by surprise when you see how they look and and how well they perform. Our bag line got some flavor by adding a rainbow of colors plus a few panniers that every commuter will enjoy. Overall we are focusing more on growing the brand and value of our products which will be obvious with the new product to come.

I apologize to all who visit the site and look for images and info of our new product. In the next few weeks expect to see images of the new stuff. Right now I'll just keep you wondering what's come.

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