Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rush Hour Wheels..Stronger than Meets the Eye

Hi there ,
My name is PJ and I have been a customer Sales Rep here at Raleigh for the last two and a half years. Prior to working here I was a bike messenger in Seattle for six years and rode nothing but brakeless fixed gear bikes so when the opportunity to test the new rush hour wheels came about last year I was a good candidate! I was impressed with the Allen bolt on hub design , bearing quality, color , and sturdy rim choice. I rode them with for a few months and was satisfied with their durability, good looks and got a lot of positive comments from other riders . Well I had to sadly give those wheels back for the 2009 catalog photo shoot. A few months ago I was approached yet again to test these wheels and since I was recovering from and injury and really don’t ride fixed gear as much as I used to I thought it would be smart to let my friend Corey test them out.

Corey has been a messenger for the last ten years and is one of the fastest and best couriers I have ever worked with. Well he was stoked to try these wheels out and for the last three months he has been working forty plus hours a week on these wheels, not to mention his daily riding since he is a one bike man. If you ever spent a late winter and early spring as a cyclist in Seattle, you know it is rather wet out there . Not to mention when you have to be out there 9 hours a day! Well I checked on him yesterday and these wheels are holding up like champs ! So I have to attest as a self proclaimed bike snob these wheels are the real deal!

Below are images of the Rush Hour Wheels on Corey's bike, as you can see they have been well used and are still holding strong.

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Anonymous said...

is there any way to order just the wheelset from raleigh?