Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Forward

With springtime upon us, the snow will soon be melting, the trails will be drying out and it will be time to dust off our two wheeled friend that’s been hibernating in the garage all winter long. As a fair weather commuter this means one thing to me: craziness on my route to and from work. It’s a bittersweet craziness for me. On one hand the sight of seeing people out riding their bikes, running, walking, and of course the one guy on the roller skis makes me happy that people are out enjoying a little exercise. On the other hand, the warmer weather means kids and dogs are scattered along the trail waiting to do a kamikaze mission on the next passerby. Yes, I know trails are to be used by all and that I should be the one using caution when passing someone and yes I am sure you always have your dog on a leash. (which is probably 50ft long)

I am not afraid to admit that I ran into a lady because her dog, which was on a leash, ( a short 25foot leash) bolted across the trail as I was attempting to pass. At that point my only options were to clothesline myself, hit the little cat sized dog or try and go around her in the grass. Let’s just say I didn’t do any of those and ended up tackling her. After a few minutes of getting yelled at and her telling me she was on the side of the trail and how could I run into her, (Did you not see your dog run across the trail?) I decided the only way to win this debate was to ride away.

So you’re probably wondering where all this rambling on is going… TRAILERS AND STROLLERS. What better way to keep your kids from getting tired after five minutes and your animals from doing kamikaze missions on passersby?

This year we have taken the line one step further than it has ever gone before. We now have a Solo and Dual trailer. Dual means two kids in one little pod. Might as well give them each a pair of boxing gloves to duke it out during the ride. Both come with a stroller attachment. These trailers mount to the chainstay using an easy to use clamp and both come with an all-weather cover.

New to this year’s line we added a Cargo Trailer. Imagine a truck bed for bikes. The Cargo Trailer has a 30x18 inch cargo space, can carry up to roughly 77lbs and comes with a nylon cover. Now we don’t recommend (for legal reasons) that you carry an animal in the Cargo Trailer, however, once you own one you’re free to do as you please.To find and purchase any of these trailer/strollers, contact your local Raleigh or Diamondback dealers.