Friday, February 27, 2009

Twitter Contest Winner

A few weeks back I sent out a contest on Twitter to whoever was listening on that day. The contest was easy. The first person to reply to my Twitter post gets a bunch of free Avenir product. Luckily for us, Len was the first to respond. Little did I know, Len was not only an Avenir fan but an owner of not one but two Raleigh bicycles, including a 1968 Raleigh Sport and the 2008 One Way and is a follower on the Raleigh Facebook group. JACKPOT!!!

Below is a picture of Len’s Raleigh One Way. Len informed me that he rides to do random errands, lunch rides and commutes to work 2-3 days a week. Last spring he was the coach of his son’s soccer team and rode this bike to and from soccer practice each week with a mesh bag full of soccer balls, cones and gear strapped in the basket.

Len, Thank you. Thank you for being a cyclist, thank you for riding your bike instead of driving your car to work, soccer practice and to run errands, thank you for riding Raleigh and thank you for supporting Avenir.

To read the post that Len wrote on his own blog go here. To see the pics that he took of the product sent, go here.

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