Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Saddle Bags!!

Saddle bags, oh saddle bags, what the heck do I write about saddle bags. They’re black, they attach under a seat, and they hold stuff. Add a few pics and this entry is finished.
Ok, ok I won’t make this that easy. The Avenir brand currently has three different sizes of Big Mouth saddle bags. The 27, 55/73, and 73/103. As you probably guessed it, the numbers stand for the Cubic Inches capacity. If you didn’t guess it, now you know. All three are made of a Cordura top (Click here if not sure what
Cordura is...) and a rubberized bottom to help keep the wet stuff out. The Avenir logo patch also doubles up as a strap to clip a rear light to and the back fully unzips to open like a big mouth bass…mmm maybe that’s how we got the name Big Mouth. The new version of the Big Mouth bags have a Velcro strap which attaches to the seat post and won’t corrode and snap like the older version with the rubber band.

Starting off with the smallest of the three, baby bear. The Big Mouth 27 holds exactly what you need, and not a penny more. Many roadies will like the smaller size to hold only what is needed in case of a flat. I believe this one was wind tunnel tested too!! You roadies will notice dimples in the bag to reduce drag just like golf balls…ohhh ahhhh.

I decided to see what all I could fit in this thing. Of course a tube is the most important item which also took up the most space. (Unless you like patching your tubes on the side of the road and don’t bring a spare tube... but that’s just ludicrous). A tech tool, levers and of course the keys.

Next is the Big Mouth 55/73.

Great bag to hold what you need and maybe a little more. With the bottom zipped closed this bag is 55cu In, but unzip and bam just like magic the bag is now 73 cu in. With the bottom zipped I was able to stuff everything seen below, unzipped I could add my cell and more food.

And lastly the mother of all Big Mouths….. the Big Mouth 73/106. Most definetly a bag for the Boy Scouts. Unzipped this bag holds more than enough for an hour long bike ride. Tools, tubes, map, compass (for those who won’t go buy a GPS unit), flint and steel...or in my bag, tubes, tools, levers, wallet and of course food, lots of food.

Check out your local Raleigh or Diamondback Dealers to pick one of these up, unless you’ll be affended when someone says “nice saddle bags.”

Written & tested by Raleigh employee, Matt Millen.


Shaughna said...

I out, no bike shops for me...

Eli B. / Wiretap Studios said...

I have a bag just like this, but I have only used it a few times and the rubber grommet snapped. I see these have a different type of attachment, what can we do to remedy this?

Alex said...

me and my significant other got one of these baggies and theyre great, we have a patch kit (2 of them), tire gauge, spoke wrench, some first aid stuff and tire levers all jammed in it..... with space to spare ;D

Unknown said...

Can anyone please tell me what the dimensions are of the Med. and the Large without expansions & excluding any straps or protrusions?? I want to buy one but want to make sure what i have will fit into it. I have a super light lined ripstop windjacket that i want to make sure fits + a Powerbar.
Thanks a bunch to whoever can give me those!!